I would ask my son “ what did you do at school today? “ “Main-main” is his usual answer. No ABC… no 123… Isn’t that scary? Yes it is. Especially in today’s age where children as young as 2 are expected to know alphabets and read?!


Will he catch-up? Will he be left behind? Are the usual question that echoes in my mind. But when I look at my child being happy in KinderKaizen, I know that I’ve done the right choice.


We need to remember all this pushing for academic excellence has resulted in children being unnecessarily stressed, depressed, angry, lack of compassion and empathy which inadvertently turns them into shallow, empty, selfish adults… with very very low EQ.. basically a human time-bomb.


Maybe my son still counts his fingers up to 12, maybe he mixes up his Ds with Bs, maybe he still speaks German eventhough none of us of do… But he is capable of thinking of an idea, he is able to negotiate terms and find a solution, he is able to understand requests and follows them, he is in touch with his emotions and defend his feelings clearly and is able to identify right from wrong.


For now, I’ve decided to not worry too much about his ABCs and 123s. I am a believer that learning through play is the key to raise an emotionally stable child.


Once we’ve worked out on instilling the fundamentals of good values, empathy , communication and respect, we can then move on the teaching and exposing them to academic skills, InsyaAllah.


Zuhayr's Mommy & Daddy

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