About Us

Our Vision

Championing Childhood, Empowering Parenthood, Nurturing PlayLeaders

Our Mission

To inspire children in making the best of their childhood, while supporting parents in realising the true potential of their children.

Our Positioning

We are the pioneer in PURE PLAY LEARNING Preschool (Tadika) Programme. KinderKaizen is the first one to practice the concept of pure play learning here in Malaysia. This should be clear. Pioneer doesn’t only mean first, it also means we know what we do best, with evidence based research.

Our Brand Essence

KinderKaizen is encouraging to both the children and parents. This is the heart and soul of the brand. When people think of KinderKaizen, we want them to not only get the idea that we’re encouraging, but actually feel that we are.

So, how do we do that? Always try to express how we’re all about encouraging the children to explore their capabilities at their own pace. 


And for the parents, show that we encourage them to trust their children. Tell them that we understand their worries and expectations, but it’s all going to be alright because we’re here to support you.


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Our Themes and Pillars

Discover • Nurture • Prosper

The children of KinderKaizen will be given the platform and encouragement to discover what they enjoy most and continue to nurture it until they prosper.

The parents of KinderKaizen will be given the assurance and support to discover the best approach for their children, as they nurture it together and prosper.